Your Apartment Rental Lease Read Before You Sign It

The relationship will be established with a contract (lease, agreement, whatever you prefer to call it). And before you ever sign it, observe the first two commandments in renting apartments:

If you fail to do so, you hold you peace forever until the lease expires. Should you rent, make sure to read your rights as tenant and the terms and conditions as detailed by the agreement. It clarifies your and your landlord’s rights, duties and responsibilities.

Why such agreement is important? What is its significance? You should know by now that verbal agreements are not enough and this can always lead to confusion and misunderstanding. In business, especially in the housing and rental industry, all agreements are to be made in writing to formally establish the agreements and to clarify points in case any misunderstanding ensues.

What’s In a Lease?

Most leases will detail the agreement between you and the landlord, from whom you agree to rent an apartment or any housing. Like most documents, it will bear names (yours and the landlord’s), the address of the rental and the dates (start and expiration of the lease). This makes a rental lease a legally binding agreement.

The other details or provisions include in the legally binding contract is the rent price (which is to be paid monthly) and where or how you will pay it. The contract will also have you pay for the refundable security deposit and advance deposit.

The rent payment will also include household items or utilities or amenities like natural gas, water, electricity, furnishing, refrigerator, gas range, cable TV, garbage, drainage, parking and others as specified. Such utilities are yours to take care of. With regards to parking, you will be also paying for that. The contract will detail the designated areas where you can park your vehicles. Other than that, are you also bringing in some plants or pets? Make sure to inform that to your landlord so they can include that in the list of permitted items you are allowed to bring.

The lease will also include the due date for rent payment and will lay out the conditions on failure of payment. It will also lay out the landlord’s (or property owner’s) duties with regards to the maintenance and repairs of the property. If you or your guests are responsible for the damages, then you as a renter will cough up the buck.

The lease will also lay out your duties as a renter. As a renter, you are to keep the property’s premise clean at all times, use the utilities in a proper way, uphold the peace and order of the place and properly vacate the place in the same condition when you have moved in.

If the lease contains certain provisions which you think trample your rights or your privacy, do not hesitate to talk about this to your landlord. Think about the landlord’s regular entry and inspection into your apartment and about duplicates of keys to your place.

Read Before You Sign

Take time to read your lease before you sign it. If you are confused by the terms, you can bring a friend or a lawyer along with you to read the contract. Landlords of different Brisbane accommodation apartments could differ on a few things with regards to lease but agree on most items like responsibilities and rights of tenants and payments. Visit for more info.

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