You Can Also Benefit With Good Vastu Home Plans

You Can Also Benefit With Good Vastu Home Plans

With growing popularity of Vastu home plans and designs, it is now available for everyone to know and benefit from this ancient Indian architectural science. Vastu houses avoid negative influence on their home owners, and attract prosperity and peace instead.

The Vaastu for home follows some strict rules set by the knowledgeable sages of past, who had known that the directions and shape of the home are vital elements which affects the dwellers of the home. Designing a house according to Vastu home plans will involve the science of direction in combination with the five major elements of nature – earth, fire, water, space and air.

Vaastu for Home According to Rooms

In Vastu houses, it is not enough just to follow the rule for the building, but there are different Vastu plans for every room and interior decorations of the home. Only when the rule is followed strictly for the whole building will it bring more fortune and prosperity to the house owner.

Vastu Bedroom

In Vastu houses, a bedroom should be constructed in the southward direction, in addition sleeping in the north direction should be strictly avoided. According to Vastu, positive magnetic energy flows from the north; for that reason, when a person is sleeping with head to the south, the iron in the blood creates a positive polarity in the head with smooth flow of blood. When a person sleeps with head towards north the positive polarities repels, which hinders flow of blood.

According to Vastu home plans, the bedroom door should open at least ninety degrees so that the possibilities of life and opportunities will flow in freely. An art that creates peace and harmony, should meet the eye of the person entering the bedroom, but it should not be an idol of God or any other auspicious items, as Vastu prohibits keeping them in bedroom. Flowers are considered to bring in serenity to the environment of bedroom.

Vaastu for home advises not to place a mirror on the wall opposite to the foot of the bed as it is known the disturb sleep. Vastu Bedroom says that the stress thrown off by a person during sleep is stored in the mirror, only to be reflected back to the person when he/she wakes up. Covering the mirror during sleeping hours will give more relaxing sleep.

Some people are known to shove the clutter under the bed, so that they will not be in vicinity to spoil the beauty of their home. In Vastu houses this should be strictly avoided as the clutter under the bed is known to weigh down upon the person sleeping on the bed.

A good Vaastu for home gives a lot of stress on creating a good harmonious and stress free environment in the bedroom, since people spend nearly 1/3 of their life in that place. A good sleep, happy relationship among the people who sleep together and relaxation is important for the overall good health of a person.

Vastu home plans have suggestions for kitchen, bathroom, study room, living room and any other corner of a house.

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