Notary Public Home Based Business – Great Time to Start

Notary Public Home Based Business – Great Time to Start

The phone has stopped ringing for most Notary Loan Signing Jobs. It sure has with me. With new rules, the housing industry will take awhile to come back and probably never to the amount of loans done in the past. That is the bad news. The good news is that many Notaries are letting their Notary Commission expire, thus reducing the number of Notaries going after jobs. That is the good news. Now is the time to either start or renew business plans and training to be ready for the phones to start ringing again. Only this time, you can increase the odds of your phone ringing more that the other Notary.

There is a story about two campers sleeping in a tent and a big bear comes toward them. One of the campers reached down to put on his shoes. “You can’t outrun a bear!”, one of the campers said. The other replied, “I don’t have to, I just have to outrun you.” For people who want a low cost Home Based Business, it is time to put your shoes on. Many people think doing work in your home is not a Business. The business practices for a Notary working out of their home and General Motors are basically the same. Just as General Motors can’t wait for the phone to ring neither can the Notary. So how can you get the phone to ring? I have taught hundreds of Notary Students in California, the ones who succeed all have the following in common.


investing in your business and yourself

To start any business you have to have some money to invest. Fortunately, Mobile Notary businesses take very little money to get started.

You need to qualify to be a Notary Public. Depending which State you live in that could be a few dollars to $2-300 dollars. Check below for the requirements to become a Notary Public for your State.

You need to get Loan Signing Training. There are many places where you can get this training. I recommend that you find a place that can offer training, marketing help, loan singing companies lists and back up when you get a tough assignment. If you want to be a full service Notary you need a full service provider of everything you will need.

The Notary Public business is one of the few places that experience does not matter. The new person and the 20 year veteran have the same standard for Loan Signing. 100%. New guys cannot be “out Notarized”. What make the new guy different that the experienced one is the ability to get your phone to ring.

Since there is some start up time needed if you are starting from scratch, now is the best time to Start a Mobile Notary Business in your area. For some, the business of being a Notary can be overwhelming. That is good, it keeps the competition down. Marketing, accounting, web site, supplies, business cards and stationary, email yada yada yada. You need a place that has it all for your support. This is my recommendation for you to go for all your Mobile Notary Needs and Support from a full service Notary Public Company.

What Is a Notary Public and What Does a Notary Do?

What Is a Notary Public and What Does a Notary Do?

A notary public is a public officer who is authorized by the local state government to act as an impartial third party witness in the signing of important documents. Notary publics play an important role in authenticating a wide range of important legal documents, ranging from business transactions to family documents. In some states, notary publics may also administer certain oaths.

Notary Public vs. Notary at Law

It’s important to make the distinction between notaries public and notaries at law. In the United States, notary publics have powers that are limited to witnessing the signing of legal documents and administering certain oaths, while in other countries, they may require far more extensive training and have more wide-reaching legal powers. Civil notaries, also known as notaries at law, are lawyers who have been admitted to the bar and are qualified to provide legal advice and to prepare legal documents. These public officials are restricted from providing legal advice or preparing legal documents.

What types of documents are notarized?

The specific types of documents commonly notarized is almost limitless. The most common types of documents which require notarization include:


Last Will & Testament

Powers of Attorney

Foreign and International Business Documents

Escrow and Real Estate Closings

Mortgage and Lending Documents

Title Changes

In addition to authenticating the validity of these documents, notary publics are also commonly enlisted to administer certain oaths and take affidavits.

Why do these documents require notarization?

Notaries act as a third impartial witness essentially to ensure that the transaction taking place is valid, to ensure the documents are properly executed and that no parties are disadvantaged. Notaries check the identification of each party by viewing their government issued photo IDs and, often, by recording individuals’ fingerprints. This ensures all the parties are indeed who they say they are, preventing any potential fraud from taking place. The notary also observes the persons involved to ensure all parties are of sound mind and judgement and are entering into agreements willingly.

How do you hire a notary?

Notary publics can be found at most city offices, including postal offices and courthouses. At these public offices, notary signing services are generally free for the public. Notary services are also often available at banks and law offices, although to obtain these services you must generally be a client or customer. For last minute transactions, frequent business transactions or sensitive legal matters, mobile notaries are available in many areas to come to the location where a transaction is taking place. Several reputable notary directories are available online, making it easy to search for a mobile notary in your area.

Qualities Needed to Be A Notary Public

Qualities Needed to Be A Notary Public

It doesn’t matter whether we are aware of it or not but it is mandatory that there is some basic qualities one must need to become an American Notary Public. With lack of any qualities it’s not possible to become a notary. I personally feel that this system is necessary because their motive is to serve people in all legal matters. Becoming a notary is an exciting job for many. Notaries are representatives of any state and many find it as a worthwhile career or find it best as a part- time job.

Only the Secretary of state is the appointing officer of any notary. Without knowing him or without his permission, no one can be appointed as a notary. According to Notary commission requirements, applicants must be 18 years old, applicants must be a resident of that state or can be a permanent alien resident of U.S, applicants must not disqualified from voting, applicants must pass the required state exam (it is not a usual case in every state), applicants must have to pass background check, applicants must read and write English, applicants must have to attach color photograph in application form.

To apply, applicants must collect a form from the Secretary of State’s Office, then they have to complete this form and have to submit it in that office with application fee (application fee varies state to state). A notary is only appointed in a country only for three or four year and after the date of expiry he has to renew the appointments. Notaries always have to understand his duty, rules and liabilities for which purpose they are appointed for. Notary supplies like reproducible ink stamp and embossing seal is necessary for notaries. Applicants must attend workshop to gain information about laws and ethics.

Applicants must be careful about some information like applicants must have to sign their name in application exactly as he wants to see the sign as a notary- any type of variation can create problem later, a notary always must avoid liability problems and if they engaged any liability problems then office is not responsible for it, notaries must avoid to show his dishonesty, immorality or any criminal action and if they do so, disqualification to hold this office is possible.

So, a notary is appointed by a government and mainly their job is to attest legal documents. While appointing a notary, it is lengthy and a typical procedure has a lot of rules and regulations that have to be maintained and fulfilled to become a notary. In a sentence, notarial service is a pretty distinct from other practices of law.