Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – More Exposure Equals More Business

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – More Exposure Equals More Business

When marketing your mobile notary business the first priority is to get your name in front of as many of the right people as you can. You can be the best mobile notary in the world, but if nobody knows about you, you just won’t get any business.

One thing is for sure, the more exposure you can get the more chances you have at realizing more business and income.

Keep in mind that quality exposure is just as important as the quantity of exposure. The ideal situation is a good combination of both quality and quantity in the right places to fit your particular needs and fit the competitiveness of your local area.

Three important factors to consider are:

1 – Professional Appearance: Presenting a professional appearance, on paper, online, and personally can definitely increase your odds of getting more first-time clients as well as repeat business. Be yourself, but be your best self.

2 – Competing for Business: If you are in a “highly competitive” market you may need to take additional steps to compete for clients with more and better advertising, services, prices, and/or availability of hours. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. An example of this is having good reviews on local service directories. And don’t forget that “Word of Mouth” advertising is still great way to get business and it’s free.

3 – Targeting Your Advertising: Determining what advertising vehicles should be used for which services is also critical for determining the mix between your loan-signing services and your regular notary signature business. A good example of this kind of targeting would be advertising your loan-signing services in various notary association listings because this is where the industry is primarily looking for loan-signing agents. Advertising in your local yellow pages and web search engines maybe better suited for the regular notary end of your business and to capture those desperate last-minute loan-signing calls.

Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and increase your business! With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to increasing your income.

* Really think about ways to get additional exposure for your business.

* Take some time to look at what you are doing now.

* Determine what is and isn’t working for you and concentrate on what is.

* Make a list of things to do to add exposure to your business.

* Set aside a certain amount of time each day or each week to get some marketing done.

In no time at all the little marketing projects will add up and soon you will begin to see the results of adding more exposure to your mobile notary business. Continue to pay close attention to what is working the best to bring in more business and concentrate your energies on these.

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – Choosing Your Domain Name

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – Choosing Your Domain Name

There are literally millions of domain names out there. Your job is to choose one that works the best for marketing your mobile notary business.

It doesn’t matter too much what name you choose if you only want to have it printed on your business cards and notary association listings. But if you want to have the search engines pick it up and give your website a free organic listing with a good page rank so you can pick up new clients who are searching for your mobile notary services on the Internet you will want to choose your domain name wisely.

The price you pay for an available domain name is the same — regardless of whether you choose a good one or a terrible one. And a good domain name can be worth its weight in gold!

Get The Most Bang-For-Your-Buck Or Ten Bucks!

* First — Use the keyword ‘mobile notary’ in your domain name. This helps the search engines (especially Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to classify your website in the proper search category. They do this by using keywords. A keyword can be either one word or a word phrase that a person would type into the search bar when looking for something specific on the Internet.

* Next — include your area in your domain name. This helps the search engines to classify your website to the proper local area. Depending on your coverage area you will probably want to use your city or possibly county. Consider what a potential client would typically type into a search bar when looking for mobile notary services in your area.

* Maybe — include your business name if it is short. Just so you know, it isn’t necessary to have your business name in your domain name. Keep in mind that the object is for people to find you on the search results pages for mobile notary in your area. And chances are, when they are searching, they are not going to type in your business name.

* Length is also a consideration. Your domain name shouldn’t end up terribly long, so you will have to decide what combination of keyword, area, and possibly business name to use. You might want to write down some potential domain names in advance, as your first choice may not be available.

* Use dot com as your first choice or dot net as your second choice. The dot com definitely earns the most respect in the business and Internet worlds.

Examples of your best choices would be… MobileNotaryYourCity or YourCityMobileNotary.

Examples of your next best choices would include changing the word order or adding a word, such as… MobileYourCityNotary, MobileNotaryInYourCity, MobileNotaryOfYourCity, YourCityMobileNotaryServices, etc. I think you get the idea.

Important Marketing Tip! Domains are not case-sensitive and are usually shown in all lower case letters. However, this doesn’t mean you have to use them in your advertising materials that way. For your business cards, brochures, email signatures, internet links, etc. you may choose to use some capital letters to help your clients and potential customers see the actual words. Since there are no spaces in domain names — compare these example views: mobilenotaryyourcity vs. MobileNotaryYourCity. See how you can see the actual words more clearly in the second one?

I hope you can see that choosing your domain name wisely and printing it properly in your advertising materials can make a big difference when it comes to effectively marketing your mobile notary business. It not only lends to your professional image but it can also help you get additional business for a nominal price when used as part of a good marketing plan.