Organizational Setup Of A Civil Construction Company

This article looks at some of the departments and organizational structure of a civil construction company. It talks about the people behind the scenes and their roles and around us we see infrastructure such as buildings, roads, highways, parks etc. It is the job of a civil construction company, to develop this infrastructure that we love so dearly and is a part of our every day lives. In this article we will look more into the organizational setup of a construction company. We will take a brief overview of the people behind the scenesand what their roles are.

At the top of the construction company there mostly is a chairman. His job is to offer overall guidance to the company in terms of strategy, head the annual general meetings of the company and look at key decisions for positioning of the company.

After the chairman comes the managing director. The managing director plays a more active role in the daily processes of the company. Top managers of different departments usually report directly to the managing director and keep him updated on the performance of their respective departments. The managing director has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders and is responsible for the profit, loss and overall growth of the company.

After the managing director comes the top-level management of the company. In larger companies there may also be a vice president or president as a link in between to the managing director. In such cases the top-level management reports to the president and then the president to the managing director. The top-level managers usually head individual departments. Some of these departments are sales, accounts, projects, purchase, hr etc.

The sales department would usually have a sales head at the top with sales managers and business development managers under him, reporting directly to him. The sales teams job is to develop new business for the verticals of the company and to maintain relationships with their customers.

In construction this may involve interaction with top builders for work, advertising activities, gathering new project information from industry magazines and journals etc. The sales head ensures that the order book is maintained with sufficient new business. He also motivates and disciplines his team to achieve targets and perform better.

The accounting department as the word suggests maintains the proper accounts of the construction company engaged in construction engineering. They maintain books of account, ledgers, payments received and payments made etc. In construction accounting is a very important aspect. The number of transactions is large and very dynamic. Thus having a solid accounts team is essential.

Moreover taxation in construction is complex and varied. A good accounts team ensures that all taxes are being accounted for properly and deposited on time. They also maintain projected cash flow requirements and prepare balance sheets and profit and loss statements of the company. The accounts department consists on accountants, chartered accountants, auditors etc.

As you can see we have barely covered 20% of the organization structure and there are already so many people involved. The sheer manpower required to complete infrastructure projects is huge. Large construction companies employ thousands of people across various departments just to manage their activities. Not all companies have the same organizational structures. They differ according to the company’s own management style and distinct characteristics. We will take a deeper look into the other departments such as tendering, projects, purchase, human resources etc. of the construction company’s structure in our next articles.

Advantages of Investing in New DLF Projects

How advantageous is the investment in DLF’s new projects? Presented below is an enumeration of their new projects having a glimpse of which may answer your question.

The Magnolias

Located inside the DLF Golf Course, all apartments face the proposed “9-Hole Golf Course” spread over approximately 60 acres of land.

The luxurious apartments of “The Magnolias” are centrally air conditioned. The dimensions of the apartment are varying from 5,825 square feet (for Standard Apartments) to 9,000 to 10,000 square feet (for Duplex and Penthouses).

The Belaire

Address – DLF Golf Links, DLF City, Phase V, Gurgaon

The Belaire is approximately 14 km from the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. The place has a wonderful connectivity, which is supposed to have a signal free approach in the near future. It is encircled by super luxury estates, shopping malls, multiplexes, etc.

The Belaire promises its investors bag full of amenities like Earthquake-resistant structure, school & shopping Facilities, sound-proof Double Glazed windows that save energy consumption, Air Conditioned Apartments with VRV system- Controlled Environment, Modular Kitchen with Appliances and Jacuzzi in master bath.

Super Luxury Homes – DLF Kings Court, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi

King’s Court, is DLF’s gift to Delhi. King’s Court offers luxuries like Reading lounge, swimming pool, gymnasium, centrally air-conditioned apartments etc. Also there is piped natural gas connection in the homes, a multi-purpose hall for occasions.

The surroundings are splendid with the picturesque Jahanpanah forest on one side and a large park of around 8 acres on the other. This place is the perfect treat for the nature lovers. Very near to GK-II, M block market King’s Court is excellent from investment point of view.

Regal Gardens Sector 90, Gurgaon

It’s a place where one can relax and rejuvenate and be free from the hassles of one’s life. This place has Mediterranean style of architecture. One of its advantages is its prime location. It’s very close to the Multi Utility Corridor – which is the spine of DLF Garden City and Commercial Business District of Gurgaon at sectors 74A/75A. It is also very close to central and south Delhi and Dwarka.

Advantages of investing in DLF plots are countless. Investing in these plots is best for all reasons as a high return from investments on property in Delhi and Gurgaon is definite. DLF plots offer great value to its buyers. Thus people who admire lavish lifestyle and want to get a great value for future DLF properties are the surefire destination.

Real Estate Agents – Look For The Right One

When you are scurrying through the property sites in Toronto area for the purpose of investment or staying, you are likely to be puzzled by the large number of options that are available in the city and outskirts of Toronto. It is very easy to get baffled and making the right choice about the purchase becomes quite difficult. It is at this juncture that one requires help of an experienced person in Toronto, who knows the city and the properties in and out. This person can be no one other than real estate agent. The real estate agents are thorough professionals who are specifically specialized to undertake the tedious task of looking for your perfect home; but before you hire a real estate agent in Toronto, you must ask yourself- Is he/she the right one?

There are various factors that can help you to understand the perfect person of your choice. The first criteria for good real estate agents are their years of experience. It is always advisable to do a background check on the agent that you wish to appoint. The real estate agents with vast experience will always be apt in their promises and will certainly help their clients to search the property in minimal time. There are many agents who have a professional know-how but are not available to answer your queries. Such agents should be strictly avoided because they can be a real pain for you.

The real estate agents who esteem your time for the property search and deal should always be given extra marks. The whole process of locating a property, understanding the sale process and closing the deal requires the presence of the real estate agent by your side; as he/she is hired for this job. Moreover, good real estate agents are always well conversant with the property rates and guide the client accordingly. They act as the mediator between the client and the builder. Hence they should be smart enough to negotiate well. They must have the thorough knowledge of the legal procedures of buying and selling. It is not possible for a buyer to understand the sale deeds and procedures in detail. Right real estate agents guide both buyers and sellers about the legal procedures of purchase and sell.

One of the pioneers in buying and selling property in Toronto area is Royal LePage Toronto. Royal LePage Toronto boasts of providing their clients with the best of services in real estate industry since its inception in 1913.

So, to find the right real estate agents look for Royal LePage Toronto agents today to save both money and time.

Properties in Ghaziabad is Thriving

Ghaziabad properties are always a favourite investment destination for investors because of its excellent connectivity to Delhi and infrastructure developments. Moreover, the development of the Delhi Metro rail project is like icing on the cake to the connectivity and makes it a hot realty market.

Because of the good connectivity and commercialisation, the residential segment in the city is flourishing. Well planned luxury residential units are coming up in the city and the areas attached to NH-24 and NH-58. It will not be wrong to say that these two national highways are major players that have turned the dusty city in a lucrative real estate market. So, it won’t be wrong to say that properties in Ghaziabad are thriving along the national highways.

Earlier, in the year 2000, the properties in Ghaziabad were not considered to be a potential investment destination. But currently, Ghaziabad is one among the most sought residential unit in Delhi NCR.

With the development of the city, its close areas and suburbs such as Vaishali, Indirapuram, Kaushambi and Vasundhara have also developed. Besides the Metro rail link, several flyovers are being constructed to connect the national highways and residential units which in turn will propel the realty market of Ghaziabad.

The good connectivity with Delhi now makes Ghaziabad a highly preferred residential destination. People from all classes are now searching for flats in Ghaziabad either to relocate or settle in the city. This city has now become the choicest option for individuals who work in Delhi and NCR.

Developers are also coming up with unique and standard luxury residential units to meet the demand of housing. Major realty players such as Raj Nagar Extension, Amrapali Village, Krish Vatika Group, Genesis Sky-Eon, Earth Iconic and more have already made their presence in Delhi NCR and offering luxury flats at highly competitive rates.

The coming up of residential units will see a rise in demand for Ghaziabad flats. According to reports, in the coming years, owning a Ghaziabad property will be a distant dream and there will be most sought address. With Noida city at proximity, the working class are already booking for flats in Ghaziabad because staying in this city save considerable travel time.

To make Ghaziabad a premium realty market, state government is also coming up with development plans and promoting industrialization in the areas along the national highways. The properties in Ghaziabad that falls along the stretch of the NH is expected to grab maximum attention with the coming up of mega projects.

Reverse Mortgages – Specially Designed to Serve The Needs of Older People

“Reverse mortgages” is one of the ways of borrowing money for people of over 62 years of age. There are still some confusions exist about the concept of reverse mortgages as some say that they are highly beneficial, while some others say that they are highly risky. A Canadian Reverse Mortgage usually meant for people especially of older age who are mostly asset-rich but have poor-ready cash. Speaking about older people most of them would be pensioners who might have their home paid-off to receive a lump of money form the lender. For most of these people who are above the age of 62, their home must be the only asset they hold and yet they can’t borrow to get financial assistance from any lenders just because most of the senior citizen cannot afford a monthly payment against the balance.

Here comes the use of “Reverse mortgages”. The concept of reverse is quite different where once you have the cash in hand; you are free to do what you desire. The principal amount remains the same while the interest tap is switched on at a rate of about 10%. There is no necessary to make any payments for the money you borrow, as long as you are alive and haven’t sold your house. But once the particular person sells the house or dies naturally out of old age then the principal and the accumulated interest must be paid back from the profits gained by selling the house.

The positive features of Reverse Mortgages Canada is that the senior people are given full rights to enjoy their feeble stage in their own home. Often, those older people must have gone through very tough times and should have done many sacrifices to build a home on their own to rise up their family. But it is very pathetic if they can’t afford to pay their bills despite being free from mortgages. For such people, reverse mortgages would be a perfect option to go because the usual pension amount they receive covers their basic expenses alone and not their miscellaneous things. The financial assistance through reverse mortgages can give them ready cash in hand offering financial flexibility and enormous possibilities to fulfill their retirement dreams. The flexibility of never having to make monthly payments is why reverse mortgages are such an attractive option for thousands of Canadian homeowners. With the help of reverse mortgages, you can retain life time ownership of your home. Since reverse mortgages are tax free, you can be stress free and there is no necessary of loan repayments as long as you live in your own sweet home.