Buy Your Dream Home with Confidence

Owning a house is the dream of every individual. It is generally the greatest single investment that most of the people make during their lifetime. A major portion of the hard earned money needs to be invested while purchasing a house. Hence, this decision needs to be with caution. Each and every aspect of the house or building needs proper analysis before making a decision to purchase the same. As most of the buyers do not posses in-depth knowledge regarding the various aspects or stages involved in the construction process, it is advisable that they seek the services of experts in the field so that their investment will not go down the drain but will yields profitable returns in future.

There are specialists known as building inspector who undertake the inspection of the entire building or house including every corner, walls, floors, roof, windows, doors etc. These inspectors are generally hired by a city, township and country. In addition to this, there are also private building inspectors who are not connected to any Government department or agency. The building inspectors are generally trained in one or more disciples like plumbing, building, electrical etc as they have to inspect the different aspects of the construction process.

Thus undertaking building inspection is one of the basic requirements before deciding on purchasing a building. The building inspection generally provides for safety fire and structural integrity of buildings and structures. They are responsible for the regulation of construction, alteration, and repair of buildings. Detailed inspection at the various stages of construction is carried out by them and the same are recorded for future references. In addition to the immediate role of ensuring safe construction, these inspection records provide verification of no longer visible building elements located within a building or structure. Building inspection reports helps to reveal the shortcoming and defects in the building which are very important for the buyer as it influences his buying decision. The photos of the defective areas are also included in the report.

Most of the buyers do not realize the importance of inspecting a building as they are not well aware of the benefits that it provides them. Some of the advantages and benefits of undertaking building inspection includes the following;

Thus, building inspection aids in removing all the unpleasant surprises in store for the owner and at the same time ensures that his investment will yield profitable returns in future.

How to Get Affordable And Comfortable Student Accommodation

Living with a house mate in your student apartment is beneficial because you will both have the opportunity to cost share and give each other company. However, there are some hassles that you may experience when living with someone and therefore, the following are some of the guidelines that may help you to live effectively with a student apartment partner.


Ensure that you come to a consensus as to who will cater for what items in your student apartment. Money issues can bring conflict especially when one person feels like they are spending more than the other on household items. You should therefore agree on the budget according to the items that are needed.

Household chores

This is another area of conflict that may arise in a student apartment. You may find that your partner is not doing the dishes after cooking up a meal or does not do any household chores; leaving you to clean up everything on your own. If you are living in a student apartment with another person, then it would be a good idea to split the house hold chores equally in order to avoid future conflicts.

Set rules and regulations

Sometimes you may find that your partner in your student apartment uses your personal items or gets in with muddy shoes and this may cause friction between the two of you. It is important to set rules and regulations concerning such issues that you may find offending. This way, the other person will be aware of the boundaries that they should not cross.


When living in a student apartment, security matters more than anything else. You should therefore discuss with your partner about how to keep your apartment secure. For example you can buy a lock where the two of you have a copy of the key. You can also agree on where to put the spare key in case one of you looses their copy.

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Puravankara Now 24 7

Puravankara Projects Limited, known to be one of the most visionary companies in Indian real estate has lived up to their reputation with their latest and dynamic marketing initiatives. They are the proud executors of India’s first 24/7 on call sales support desk in the real estate industry. They have also introduced a free Web Call facility on their corporate website. The combination of these two valuable conveniences along with a 24/7 live chat facility enables people to speak to Puravankara’s home advisors at anytime and from anywhere in the world irrespective of the time zone they live in.

Puravankara has a proud and long standing history of reaching out into foreign markets and offering home solutions for NRI’s who are looking for homes or investments back in India. Success stories of Indians abroad have spread through geographies and these initiatives are a part of Puravankara’s strategy to foray into international markets in an effort to tap into its rising potential. The company’s constant endeavour has been to provide its NRI customers with a realistic home buying experience. With features such as 3D apartment plans, walkthrough and live video route maps, the customer is able to envision a Purva lifestyle in its truest sense. The company has plans to continue adopting innovative strategies to reach out to not only its NRI audience but also domestic homebuyers in an attempt to expand its ever growing happy communities.

Puravankara has a 36 year old proud heritage of delivering lifestyle homes and has walked that extra mile to design and deliver your wish of a flawlessly balanced standard of living with its elite enclave, Purva Windermere. Since inception in 1975, Puravankara has one mantra for success, “Quality.” Apart from this, values like uncompromising business ethos, focused customer centric approach, robust engineering, in-house research and development has created the leading real estate brand. Since then the company has moved ahead from strength to strength successfully completing 36 residential / commercial projects across Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai and presently developing 20 more projects. To date, 8000 homes have been handed over to the end users. With a strong commitment to work and ethos, Puravankara has been creating unique propositions, uncompromising quality products, fair business practices and a highly scalable execution capability.

Buying Off The Plan Apartments

If you decide to buy a property off the plan, it means that you are buying it before it is built. This is how most apartments and townhouses are sold today. The good thing with this investment is that you will buy a property for months or years to come at today’s price. This investment can lead to large capital gains way before you decide to move in. If for instance the next ten years are going to be hit by economic recession, you will be better placed since you are going to protect your savings. What happens is that, those with property and other valuables are not affected by world economy downsides as they will keep living life as normal or even better. You will be required to pay 10% deposit on signing the stamp duty and contract by most developers.

For many investors, it is the combination of property boom and the construction work that has given them a chance to buy apartments off the plan so that they can secure this structure at today’s price. They keep on banking on that property whose value is continuously increasing during the construction, as well as the notion that it will sell higher or can easily get rented on completion. Most of these investors have turned quick profits by selling the apartments that were bought off the plan at higher prices, way before the construction is completed.

One thing that you need to consider is that even when the market activities have slowed down due to recession, there is still high demand for the property. Marketing structures have emphasized on tax savings for most of these off the plan investments. However, in most countries, the tax savings can be compared to situations where an investor buys a new property with an allowance for depreciation and warranties on the appliances as well as the development. If the property has been completed and rented out, the same tax regulations apply just as it is for any property investment.

However, financial advisors put it that tax benefits from buying property through this plan should not be taken lightly and that this should not be the sole reason for the purchase. If an investor can claim 2.5% allowance on depreciation for the construction costs, it can be substantial if it is in the case of a new development. However, the depreciation allowance will come off the base of the costs when it comes to the selling of the property. This will also add hugely to the capital gain.

While it is important to buy off the plan apartments, you are advised to be equipped with all the details about the costs to be incurred including that of the first turn on the land’s soil. If this is not possible, then you can seek the services of quantity surveyors and you will be good to go. You can visit websites that give insight on buying off the plan as well how to get reputable quantity surveyors. Signing up for the community forums online can be a great idea since you will be able to exchange ideas with colleagues who already know the working of these investments.

Why People Prefer Apartment Living in Tivoli Tenside

For practical reasons, more and more people are opting to live in apartment nowadays. Though most would love to have a home of their own, the idea of renting an apartment is not that bad if they would come to the tough process you have to go through owning a home and the problems of unpaid credits and mortgage that becomes a nightmare. That is why there is a growing popularity especially in the young professionals who prefer apartment living. In addition to this, people are seeing the many benefits one can enjoy with apartment living.

Many this is due to the lifestyles that the new generation has today. The unstable economic situation has led many to start working and saving for a future home, however, for today apartments is the perfect way to live.

The great thing about this is that if you are living in an apartment you can enjoy the flexibility of living from one place to another. Many people become torn deciding or have passed up a good opportunity because they are pulled back with the fact that they do not want to leave their homes. With apartments they can choose either a long or a short term lease depending on their work contract. They will be able to live from place to place and even have the power to choose the location whether they like the city or the suburbs.

Many people also like Tivoli Tenside apartment living because of maintenance concerns. With their so busy life, checking out the maintenance could be a hassle. But with apartments, they can just make a work order and the maintenance service can come to their homes even in the odd hours of the day, and that is a good thing especially if you are in an emergency case or you are in a hurry. Even the yard can be taken care of. You can enjoy a well-manicured lawn all through-out the year with people keeping it as lovely and clean as you like it.

One big factor that attracts most residents to apartments Atlanta GA is its luxurious amenities. Who would have thought that you could take a dip in the pool any day you want? One can also enjoy the modern equipments of a fitness gym, a theater, a salon and a spa, all in one community. Room amenities are not left behind as you can have a big walk in closet, air conditioning, big square footage, a complete pantry and much, much more. All these with just a minimal payment of their wage check. With apartments people are able to enjoy their lives to the fullest and are even able to travel or do the things that they want with their family.