Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – Pleasing People and Google At The Same Time!

When it comes to marketing – your job is to get the people who are looking for mobile notary services in your area to find your website. Then, once these potential clients are there, you want to capture their attention and give them the information they are looking for in a way that will encourage them to choose you and your mobile notary services.

Your First Priority Is To Focus On People. To do this…

*Provide information about your business and services in a way that is appealing to the people reading it. Be informative, accurate, clear, and concise so that you don’t waste your visitors’ time. Keep your information up-to-date.

* Make sure that your pages load quickly. If they take too much time to load, many people will go on to another listing which may turn out to be your competitors’.

* Be sure all the information you provide is easy to find by having a simple and direct navigation system. A vertical or horizontal menu above the fold (on the computer screen without scrolling) should fit the bill.

The reason you want to focus primarily on people and not on Google is because people spend money on services. Google robots do not.

So Now What About Google?

Having a well-placed organic listing on Google, especially on the first page of the search results for mobile notary in your area, can help potential clients find you and your mobile notary business.

Google actually wants you to provide relevant, unique quality content and make it quick and easy for people to find it on your website.

So after you have your information created for people, you will want to go back and help Google to index your website into the correct search categories and show them that your website is valuable to people searching for mobile notary services in your area.

Google uses robots to determine the topic of your website. Since these are not human they do not read your website in the same way that a human does. So you need to also communicate in a way that the robots will understand. When they crawl your website they will search for keywords in your content to use as search criteria. These keywords tell the story of what topic your website is about.

These robots also read the computer language in your website, so it is important to provide a meta title and meta description that includes at least your main keyword. Both should also be appealing to people, as this will be the basis of the text that people will read for your organic listing on the search engine results pages.

So What Can You Do To Please Both People and Google?

* Provide unique, informative, and relevant information about your services and the area you serve for your human visitors.

* Include the proper keywords in your content along with providing a meta title and description to help Google classify your website properly.

* Have quality, relevant links from authority sites to help Google determine that your website is of value to people.

This simple online marketing strategy will please both the people who visit your website and Google who wants to provide a good search experience.

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