How to Check The Reputation of The Real-estate Developer or Builder

How to Check The Reputation of The Real-estate Developer or Builder

For buying the properties, one of the things which need to be considered is the reputation of the builder. Even if the property has all factors to its advantage, such as the location, the locality etc, it is pertinent that the reputation of the builder is ascertained before taking any final decision for buying the property. So, what are the methods which a person can use for knowing this? Here are some tips in this regard:

1.Ask friends and near and dear ones about the builder. If they do not know, then request them to seek information from their friends and relations. They are most likely to provide the most authentic and credible information.

2.Visit the property dealers of the nearby locality and try to elicit correct information about the builder. Since there are good chances of these dealers misleading you by providing wrong information about the builder, who might be their competitor, it is better not to believe them at first instance. Seeking information from them is important since they can provide important inputs about the builder and his or her property in question.

3.Use internet: There are many resources on the internet which can be used for checking the reputation of the builder. If the builder has a website of his own, then you can check which professional organizations he belongs to? You can also look into the customer testimonials, if any, provided on the website. Further, you can make searches on the internet using his or her to find whether have been any serious complaints about the builder or are these only minor annoyances. It is better to make the searches for a few engine result pages. Even the other social media networking resources such as forums can be used to know about the credentials of a builder.

4.Check the claims of builder related to property with the concerned government authorities: If there is no way to check the credibility of the builder and no information is available then you will have to check the claims of the builder regarding approvals and sanctions with the concerned government authorities.

5.Check for the previous projects undertaken and their status: There is also a need to check whether any previous project has been successfully completed and delivered by the developer on not. Project completion and handing over of the possession on time adds to the reputation of the builder provided it been done in a completely legal way.

While checking and verifying the credentials of the developer, you must not accept everything said, seen or read on its face value. Rather, you need to have an open mind to look even to the other side of the reviews you are getting. You also need to have a good reasoning ability and common sense to determine the truth. Some of the well known developers, who have successfully completed many projects in the past, are the safest bet for your investment.

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