Delhi Metro Extension to Greater Noida Set to Boost The Market

Delhi Metro Extension to Greater Noida Set to Boost The Market

The Delhi Metro was launched with a view to the ease the traffic congestion of the region. Before the Metro came into existence, Delhi and NCR was known for their Jams and the busy traffic. There was hardly any place left in the city which was not packed with the Jams. This problem used to occur specially in the mornings and the evenings when people used to go and leave for their work place. Some even used to get late with the hurdle of the busy traffic.

Mr Sachin Sharma, an executive of a reputed Bank told the correspondent, “I have never tried to run away from my work but due to office rush hour, I used to reach late at office”. He also stated that “he was not intentionally used to get late for work as he used to leave home very early to get to office in time”. But many a time he was late at work and due to his not being present in the office in time, he was expelled from the company.

Another student of IIT Delhi, Ms Swati Bhatnagar elaborated her story the correspondent that She live in Noida extension as her father bought a residential property in Greater Noida and while she was studying in the IIT Delhi, she used to take the bus to reach her college everyday. She also remembers the cupid incidents of Eve teasing, which she has to face almost every day. She says, “After the fully packed buses and the eve teasing incidents, it was many a times very much impossible to concentrate in the college lectures”. But Swati now thanks to the Delhi Metro Authority for coming as a help for many women of the city.

It is very much true that the Delhi Metro has come as a help for many who do not have their own mode of transportation. It has made the city folks to reach up to their destinations in time with security and ease.

By the extension of the Delhi Metro to Gurgaon and to the Noida, life of these respective cities became very easy. And now there is a good news for the Greater Noida extension that the Delhi Metro Authority has decided another extension plan of the Metro to the Greater Noida Extension. On one side, as it will hearten the life of the peeps of the town, on the other hand the real estate developers have also tighten their belts to earn an extra penny from the news. They have plotted many a residential and commercial property in the Greater Noida at quite higher rate.

The rates are not as higher as these look like. The companies have planned and set the rates of their respective properties just according to the vicinity to the proposed Metro routes and stations. A source from a leading real estate company says, ” the rates of residential property in Greater Noida will not put at very high level but they may seek the same in favor of commercial property in Greater Noida”.

Come whatever may happen, but the extension of the Delhi Metro will definitely suburbanite the life of the denizens of the Greater Noida as it has previously eased it for the people Gurgaon and Noida.

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