Yamuna Expressway will boost NCR Realty sector

Yamuna Expressway will boost NCR Realty sector

The opening of the Yamuna Expressway, many realty experts feel that real estate market in the region will experience a boom. It is expected that Delhi-NCR region and parts of western UP becomes hot spot destinations. This region from where the Yamuna Expressway is touching is expected to be hub of residential and commercial real estate. The current price of land in the realty market is about Rs 30,000 per square yard, but it is expected that there will be 30% property prices hike.

Jaypee Group, one of the well-known real estate companies in India, did the planning and execution of Yamuna Expressway. The joint managing director of this group said that homebuyers would also be benefitted from this expressway. This excellent infrastructure will not only boost commuting but also give an advantage to the buyers and investors. Five integrated townships are in construction stages at Mirzapur, Jaganpur, Kuber near Agra, Tappal near Aligarh and of course Noida. This expressway will promote these upcoming townships.

This expressway is said to be a great contribution to the India property sector. Many real estate companies have planned residential townships along the expressway. Supertech one of the Real Estate Companies of India, has planned two luxurious projects, the Upcountry and Golf Country projects here.

Ajnara India is another renowned real estate companies in India. The director, Vineet Gupta said that ear of development has already started in the expressway region. Many housing projects are coming up in the region. Besides residential projects, the expressway is attracting office real estate. The global companies are in the lookout for good connectivity is moving to this region. Indian and multinational companies are finding land and rental space along the expressway.

Ajnara is planning to start a project called Panorama near the Buddh International Circuit. Vineet Gupta feels that with the opening of expressway, there will be developments in the close by areas. Also commuting will be easier as there will be less traffic jams with the six lane highway. For example traveling from Delhi to Agra will be about 2and – hours. This is much less than the original timing of about 4to 5 hours.

Another well-known real estate company of India, the 3C Company has planned a project called the Lotus City. The director of 3C company Brijesh Bhanote, said that infrastructure development makes the destination surrounding its attractive. Real estate investors feel that region along the Yamuna Expressway will attract investment. Better connected destinations derives higher capital values.

About Yamuna Expresswy: The Jaypee Infratech have developed this landmark infrastructure. The Expressway is spread over an area of 530 million sq ft. Out of the entire area, 311 million square feet area comes under the National Capital Territory.

Important Tips to Choose Agent for Dallas Real Estate

Important Tips to Choose Agent for Dallas Real Estate

A real estate agent is the person who advices, understands and stays with you for all your investment needs. Whether you buy or sell property, an agent is the person whom you trust for their knowledge, market research and experience. The real estate agent has in-depth knowledge of the area, neighborhood, properties, and get you the best investment opportunities as per for your needs. However, choosing real estate agents only on recommendation of family members, colleagues, or following commercial ads can victimize you.

Moreover, it has been noticed that people put more emphasis in planning the investment, which results in under estimating the agent’s role. A real estate agent plays the role of a navigator in your journey to extract the best knowledge of an area or a property for your crucial investments. Hence, your expectations from a property or an investment are best understood by your real estate agent, sometimes even better than you. So you can trust the professional to have lucrative investment, where you probably have doubts to make.

Here are some tips and follow-ups to select the best real estate agent for investment needs in your area:

Ask Questions

The more you ask, the more you know. You can ask about the experience and the specialization of properties that the agent possesses. If the agent is best in serving commercial or business property needs, there is absolutely no need to waste time to express your desires to get your dream home. You can ask about his previous references, if the agent would like to name some of them. And most important, you would certainly like to know the amount of commission that the agents would like to charge in return of providing their services.

Express your needs

More the agents know you, the much understanding will be offered in developing a healthy investment bond. Express your needs from the property, be it condos, flats, or some commercial property. You should be able to explain the requirement to the agents, so the professional delivers what best suits you.

Market Survey

Market survey for agents is equally important. Don’t just choose an agent just because your bosses recommended you. Try to interview the real estate agent and get to know the person better. Device a little questionnaire of the things you want to ask before your first meeting. Be prepared and be confident about your needs.

How to Succeed in Competitive Home Bidding

How to Succeed in Competitive Home Bidding

As early as April this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that competitive biddings are back with many home buyers increasingly competing for the same house.

The Wall Street Journal noted that these latest bidding wars are different from the competitive biddings during the housing boom.

“Competitive bidding in the current environment isn’t producing huge price increases or leaving sellers with hefty profits, as occurred during the housing boom,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Wall Street Journal added that these bidding wars are a result of supply shortages, not surging sales.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that in the second quarter of this year, there was an improvement in home prices but lack of inventory – particularly in the lower price ranges.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said in a statement, “Some of the improvement in prices is due to a smaller share of sales in low price ranges where inventory is tight.”

In June this year, the Maryland Association of Realtors (MAR) reported a similar scenario: improvement in home prices and decrease in inventory. According to MAR, as of June 2012, there were 28,247 housing units in Maryland’s active inventory, a decrease from last year’s 38,464 active inventory.

So, how can one succeed in these bidding wars? Here are key tips to succeed in a competitive home bidding environment:

.Research. Once you find the home that meets your requirements, find out the average price of comparable homes sold recently in the area. From this average home price, make your offer accordingly. In the absence of this available data, you may lose your ideal home.

.Get ready with your financing. If you want to finance your home from gift money, have this money deposited in your bank account.

.Put down a big money deposit. “I see earnest money deposits as high as 20- percent of the purchase price,” Holly Worthington, a multiple-offer expert, told CNN Money.

.Write a compelling letter to the seller. Especially in cases where almost all things are equal, a compelling letter to the seller can be your key to winning the bid to that home that meets your requirements.

.Most importantly, hire a competent and experienced real estate agent.

Real Estate Investing – How To Invest With No Money

Real Estate Investing – How To Invest With No Money

Most new real estate investors get held back by lack of finances, with the assumption that they must have a lot of money to get started. This assumption is wrong. There are lots of deals you can do spending little to no money of your own.

With the tightening of lending procedures by most banks, most people cannot access this money for real estate investing. If they can qualify for these mortgages, they are required to put down as much as 20%, and are allowed just a few investment properties.

In this article, we explore how to invest in real estate using little to no money of your own.

My favorite model of real estate investing is wholesaling and investing with little to no risk. In wholesale real estate investing, you locate distressed houses below market value and flip them for a profit to other real estate investors.

This can involve assigning a contract to a buyer with cash. Your buyer closes the transaction and buys the house on the same terms you agreed with the seller on the contract. You walk home with an assignment fee at closing.

Or it can involve simultaneous closing where you buy and sell the property on the same closing table. This means there are two contracts – one to buy the house, an one to sell it to your buyer. Of course, you sell it higher than you buy and walk home with the difference, less fees and expenses.

Until recently, most lenders could allow you to use money from your buyer to close the first transaction. In recent years, this has changed, and most lenders will not allow you to use their money for the first transaction. But this should not slow you down.

For this you need transactional funding. Transactional funding is a short-term loan that allows real estate investors to fund up to 100% of undervalued properties including closing costs, which they then turn around and sell for a profit.

By short term, both transactions can be close as close together as is practical, even within a few minutes of each other.

Transactional funding is usually available within a few days. Your personal qualification is not necessary. It does not require that you to have good credit, have money in the bank or a steady income. All they need to see is a qualified buyer lined up for the property.

Qualified buyer means someone with verifiable cash such a real estate investor, or someone approved for a loan.

There are lots of properties you buy as a real estate investor using this method. You end up investing with little to no risk – no tenants, repairs, etc. And you can move as many properties as you can find as long as you can find a steady source of wholesale properties.

How to Determine Which Property is Best For You

For people who wish to invest in property, the single most important criteria for investment is the return expected to be received over a definite period of time. This return usually depends on what type of property it is, where it is located and how is it going to be utilized? Similarly, for people who are looking for property for personal use, there is a need to make a choice of property from the many that are available, depending on your requirements. Here are some points on how this selection can be made:

1.Identify your needs: You need to ask yourself what is that you need the property for. Do you need to open some retail shop or buy a residence for living? Or, any of these would do since you are essentially in need of the returns? So, what is it that you exactly want? If the choice is open-ended then the search for the right property will increase in scope many times?

2.Determine your maximum stretchable budget: What is the maximum budget that you are able to invest? The limits of this maximum shall be very carefully examined since the people usually have a tendency to either stretch too much or to keep smaller budgets than they can afford. The reason for determining the maximum budget is that if there is some property available in market which is costly than your initial estimate, then you can still consider that property.

3.Identify the region: Once you are clear on budget, you can find the areas where properties in that range are available. This would require consultation with the dealers who operate in many regions. The regional identifications shall take into account the security related aspects as well.

4.Vetting the region on the basis of your requirements: Though the dealers will tell the region based on your requirement, you need to find whether a particular region meets your requirement. In short, do you like that region in terms of development and the locality of people around it? You also need to assess the future potential of the project.

5.Find the right builder: After zeroing in on the likely regions where you would be willing to put your money, you need to find out which properties are available and which reputed builders are having their projects in that area.

6.Find the right project or property: In a new area, people prefer to make analysis of builders and property simultaneously. They might not select the builder first. Even this approach is fine provided that the importance of builder is not ignored in selection of property. These are the broad outlines of how shall the search for purchasing a property shall be done in order to find one that meets all your requirements including the budget. A lot more is done in practical, within these broad contours of searches that have been laid down above.