Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – Pleasing People and Google At The Same Time!

When it comes to marketing – your job is to get the people who are looking for mobile notary services in your area to find your website. Then, once these potential clients are there, you want to capture their attention and give them the information they are looking for in a way that will encourage them to choose you and your mobile notary services.

Your First Priority Is To Focus On People. To do this…

*Provide information about your business and services in a way that is appealing to the people reading it. Be informative, accurate, clear, and concise so that you don’t waste your visitors’ time. Keep your information up-to-date.

* Make sure that your pages load quickly. If they take too much time to load, many people will go on to another listing which may turn out to be your competitors’.

* Be sure all the information you provide is easy to find by having a simple and direct navigation system. A vertical or horizontal menu above the fold (on the computer screen without scrolling) should fit the bill.

The reason you want to focus primarily on people and not on Google is because people spend money on services. Google robots do not.

So Now What About Google?

Having a well-placed organic listing on Google, especially on the first page of the search results for mobile notary in your area, can help potential clients find you and your mobile notary business.

Google actually wants you to provide relevant, unique quality content and make it quick and easy for people to find it on your website.

So after you have your information created for people, you will want to go back and help Google to index your website into the correct search categories and show them that your website is valuable to people searching for mobile notary services in your area.

Google uses robots to determine the topic of your website. Since these are not human they do not read your website in the same way that a human does. So you need to also communicate in a way that the robots will understand. When they crawl your website they will search for keywords in your content to use as search criteria. These keywords tell the story of what topic your website is about.

These robots also read the computer language in your website, so it is important to provide a meta title and meta description that includes at least your main keyword. Both should also be appealing to people, as this will be the basis of the text that people will read for your organic listing on the search engine results pages.

So What Can You Do To Please Both People and Google?

* Provide unique, informative, and relevant information about your services and the area you serve for your human visitors.

* Include the proper keywords in your content along with providing a meta title and description to help Google classify your website properly.

* Have quality, relevant links from authority sites to help Google determine that your website is of value to people.

This simple online marketing strategy will please both the people who visit your website and Google who wants to provide a good search experience.

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – 7 Things To Consider When Evaluating Your Professional Image

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – 7 Things To Consider When Evaluating Your Professional Image

The most important thing you can do for your mobile notary marketing is to portray your business with the proper professional attitude and appearance. Having a business name adds seriousness to the mix.


First impressions are so important. You may only get one brief chance to win a potential client’s business. And once you get it, you’ll want to keep it.

Your solid professional image is the foundation on which you need to build everything else on.

Let me ask you… how many people choose to spend their money in a new, clean, and bright store over an old, cluttered, dimly lit store? I don’t know the exact number, but I do know it is a whole lot!

New stores are built with what I call the “attraction factor” which is a clean, bright, well-lighted, and uncluttered atmosphere. Big business actually studies these human-nature behaviors and they capitalize on them for the most profitable results. Many customers will even pay a higher price for the same product in these establishments because they unconsciously associate this appealing store image with higher quality and more value.

So, you can actually capitalize on this same “attraction factor” and market your business with a clean, uncluttered, and professional image. This includes your personal appearance and demeanor as well as all of your marketing tools – business cards, brochures, website, and advertising mediums.

It is important to consider how people see you and your business. This is a good time to evaluate yourself in the following areas:

1 — Personal appearance and manners. Appropriate business clothing for your area and a friendly, courteous, confident attitude can go a long way in gaining trust and repeat business.

2 — Vehicle appearance and cleanliness. If you have an old clunker or your vehicle is just having a bad-hair day you can try parking in an inconspicuous spot.

3 — Business name and email address. These are indicators of how seriously you take your business. For example — if you don’t have a business name and your email is something like “robinsmommy@” it may be hard for other business professionals to take you seriously. They may pass you by for someone with a more professional demeanor.

4 — Organization of business materials. Being prepared and keeping documents and other materials organized are a must. Nothing ruins your image faster than being unprepared and wasting a client’s time while you struggle to get your act together at their expense. Not counting the possibility of mistakes if documents aren’t organized properly.

5 — Phone answering practices and message demeanor. Really impress your clients. Answer your phone! While this is not always possible to do, a good, polite message and prompt return calls are a must. Never ever tell a client or potential client that you cannot do their job because of some personal thing you need to do — like go to your kid’s ball game. It is best to say you have another appointment at that time and ask if you can schedule a different time.

6 — Website, business card and brochure appearance. Use the “attraction factor” method to develop a clean uncluttered image in all of your business materials. These materials may be all that a potential client sees and has to judge you by, so you’ll want them to present your professional image in your place.

7 — Use of proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization for all written communications. This is still very important in the business world, even for text messaging. I see many mobile notaries treating their written communications such as emails and mobile notary listings with the same style they use to text their friends — no capital letters, and proper spelling and grammar are non-existent. Not all age groups of the general population are ready to accept this new style outside of the text messaging world, so it is best to stick with proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization if you want to leave a good impression for all people.

The bottom line: You want your mobile notary business and your person to be perceived as having “more value” than your competition.

What Are Mobile Notary Signing Services?

What Are Mobile Notary Signing Services?

The majority of mobile notaries are individually utilized; working with an independent notary has both disadvantages as well as advantages. Independent public notaries have much less overhanging compared to notary companies as well as their expenses are usually reduced as an outcome; nevertheless, their area and also as a result rate of solution differ, as well as it’s tough to establish their degree of professionalism and reliability till they show up to authorize files. On-line notary directory sites such as, or could aid you find private mobile notaries.

In numerous organisation as well as individual situations, mobile notary finalizing solutions give an option to going to financial institutions or public workplaces to have actually papers sworn. When files require to be notarized rapidly or at a particular area, making use of mobile notary finalizing solutions is a must. Many mobile notaries are separately utilized; employing an independent notary has both disadvantages and also advantages. Independent public notaries have much less above compared to notary firms and also their expenses are usually reduced as an outcome; nonetheless, their area and also consequently rate of solution differ, and also it’s challenging to establish their degree of professionalism and reliability up until they show up to authorize files. On-line notary directory sites such as, or could assist you find private mobile notaries.

Notary Public Home Based Business – Great Time to Start

Notary Public Home Based Business – Great Time to Start

The phone has stopped ringing for most Notary Loan Signing Jobs. It sure has with me. With new rules, the housing industry will take awhile to come back and probably never to the amount of loans done in the past. That is the bad news. The good news is that many Notaries are letting their Notary Commission expire, thus reducing the number of Notaries going after jobs. That is the good news. Now is the time to either start or renew business plans and training to be ready for the phones to start ringing again. Only this time, you can increase the odds of your phone ringing more that the other Notary.

There is a story about two campers sleeping in a tent and a big bear comes toward them. One of the campers reached down to put on his shoes. “You can’t outrun a bear!”, one of the campers said. The other replied, “I don’t have to, I just have to outrun you.” For people who want a low cost Home Based Business, it is time to put your shoes on. Many people think doing work in your home is not a Business. The business practices for a Notary working out of their home and General Motors are basically the same. Just as General Motors can’t wait for the phone to ring neither can the Notary. So how can you get the phone to ring? I have taught hundreds of Notary Students in California, the ones who succeed all have the following in common.


investing in your business and yourself

To start any business you have to have some money to invest. Fortunately, Mobile Notary businesses take very little money to get started.

You need to qualify to be a Notary Public. Depending which State you live in that could be a few dollars to $2-300 dollars. Check below for the requirements to become a Notary Public for your State.

You need to get Loan Signing Training. There are many places where you can get this training. I recommend that you find a place that can offer training, marketing help, loan singing companies lists and back up when you get a tough assignment. If you want to be a full service Notary you need a full service provider of everything you will need.

The Notary Public business is one of the few places that experience does not matter. The new person and the 20 year veteran have the same standard for Loan Signing. 100%. New guys cannot be “out Notarized”. What make the new guy different that the experienced one is the ability to get your phone to ring.

Since there is some start up time needed if you are starting from scratch, now is the best time to Start a Mobile Notary Business in your area. For some, the business of being a Notary can be overwhelming. That is good, it keeps the competition down. Marketing, accounting, web site, supplies, business cards and stationary, email yada yada yada. You need a place that has it all for your support. This is my recommendation for you to go for all your Mobile Notary Needs and Support from a full service Notary Public Company.

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – More Exposure Equals More Business

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – More Exposure Equals More Business

When marketing your mobile notary business the first priority is to get your name in front of as many of the right people as you can. You can be the best mobile notary in the world, but if nobody knows about you, you just won’t get any business.

One thing is for sure, the more exposure you can get the more chances you have at realizing more business and income.

Keep in mind that quality exposure is just as important as the quantity of exposure. The ideal situation is a good combination of both quality and quantity in the right places to fit your particular needs and fit the competitiveness of your local area.

Three important factors to consider are:

1 – Professional Appearance: Presenting a professional appearance, on paper, online, and personally can definitely increase your odds of getting more first-time clients as well as repeat business. Be yourself, but be your best self.

2 – Competing for Business: If you are in a “highly competitive” market you may need to take additional steps to compete for clients with more and better advertising, services, prices, and/or availability of hours. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost more. An example of this is having good reviews on local service directories. And don’t forget that “Word of Mouth” advertising is still great way to get business and it’s free.

3 – Targeting Your Advertising: Determining what advertising vehicles should be used for which services is also critical for determining the mix between your loan-signing services and your regular notary signature business. A good example of this kind of targeting would be advertising your loan-signing services in various notary association listings because this is where the industry is primarily looking for loan-signing agents. Advertising in your local yellow pages and web search engines maybe better suited for the regular notary end of your business and to capture those desperate last-minute loan-signing calls.

Now is the time to take the bull by the horns and increase your business! With a few simple steps, you can be on your way to increasing your income.

* Really think about ways to get additional exposure for your business.

* Take some time to look at what you are doing now.

* Determine what is and isn’t working for you and concentrate on what is.

* Make a list of things to do to add exposure to your business.

* Set aside a certain amount of time each day or each week to get some marketing done.

In no time at all the little marketing projects will add up and soon you will begin to see the results of adding more exposure to your mobile notary business. Continue to pay close attention to what is working the best to bring in more business and concentrate your energies on these.