Things to watch out for while renting apartments in Dubai

Things to watch out for while renting apartments in Dubai

When you are new to Dubai and do not have enough resources to buy your own apartment, the only resort is probably to lease. There are countless developments that offer all kinds of apartments in Dubai in different price brackets and for different family sizes. Moving into a new apartment is always very exciting but finding a good one can be a daunting task. To avoid any wrong option, you must consider a few factors that can help you in finding the best rental apartments in Dubai.


While searching for a new place to live in, the most important thing to consider is its location. Dubai properties developments are well-planned, well-established and of high quality. You can find dining, shopping and fun spots within your vicinity. However, if you are looking for an apartment to be in close proximity to a particular point or have a personal liking for a particular area, determine where you would like to live before you start searching. If you are practically clueless then visit a few residential developments and examine the surrounding areas just to make sure that you get a good feel before making final decision.

The structure

Dubai real estate is a blend of both old and new developments where you can find every type of apartments in according to your desires. Before finalising, make sure the apartment does not have any structural fault (as it can be very costly) and that there are no apparent cracks and leaks in the walls. Make sure, it also does not pose any security and safety concern. There should not be any water, electricity and sewerage issue as once you pay a hefty rental amount to the landlord, it would be difficult to move into a new apartment for rent in Dubai, leaving behind your deposit.


The third consideration is the amount that you are willing to pay in the form of rent. You must determine rental price and make an estimate of the utility bills to calculate your living cost in a particular apartment. In Dubai, sometimes landlords include utility bills in rental amount while occasionally you end up paying utility charges on your own. In both the cases, you can decide your upper and lower expense limit. After calculating the living cost, make sure you only look at viable options.


Apartments in Dubai are built to cater to different sizes of families. For instance, if you are alone, you can go for a studio apartment or a one bedroom apartment. For a small family, a two bedroom apartment is a good option and a three or four bedroom apartment is ideal for bigger families. Space or size is an important factor when it comes to renting an apartment in Dubai. Choose one according to your family size. Always remember, bigger apartment requires greater maintenance and they will also cost you a good deal of money. Don’t get carried away with the size of the apartment. Pick the one that is best for your family.

If you will follow all of these tips, you will surely get an appropriate rental apartment according to your desire and wishes.

Sprawling And Luxurious Gurgaon Service Apartments For Foreigners And Indians

Sprawling And Luxurious Gurgaon Service Apartments For Foreigners And Indians

India has become a popular hub of foreign tourists, businessmen and foreign nationals. Each year these people come down to India in large numbers for various purposes; of which most of them prefer to make this country their second home. Several luxurious guest houses are run in Delhi NCR zone exclusively for their comfortable stay. You can find various world class Gurgaon service apartments for both Indians and Foreign nationals. Complete Detail about Gurgaon Service Apartments and Guest Houses

1. There is a notable difference between hotels and guest houses. Guest houses are exclusively made for longer stays, such as for stays extending from few months to a year or so.

2. Service apartments or guest houses have inbuilt kitchens in each room. Most of the customers stay here with families and kids. Hence, modern kitchens are attached with each suite for comfortable day to day cooking needs.

3. You will find all the modern kitchen gadgets for each kitchen namely refrigerator, microwave oven, gas stove, all kinds of crockery and utensils and electronic water purifier.

4. The suite also contains a living room, one or more bedrooms, dining area and balcony.

5. Each of the rooms is well furnished.

6. You will find air conditioners attached to each room. The rooms will also have bed, TV, washing machine and iron and board for the customer’s convenience.

7. Apart from all these modern amenities, you will also be provided round the clock power backup, safe deposits for your valuables, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc.

8. Security guards are put on duty 24 hours within the campus for full protection to the customers of Gurgaon service apartments.

9. You will also be provided 24 hours attendent for your trivial needs. The customers also get cooks at special requests.

10. There are inbuilt play grounds and green parks for the kids and adults.

11. There is a doctor on call always to attend your health needs and checkups.

12. Personal vehicles are provided at request for the ease of commuting.

13. Such kinds of service apartments and guest houses can be found anywhere in India.

14. The guest houses in Delhi NCR are mostly used by businessmen who need to stay for long term for business purposes and for families on long vacations.

15. These Gurgaon service apartments are more economic than hotel stays in the long run. 16. You can choose and book the service apartment rooms online. Also, you can place special requests for your exclusive needs online.

A Modern Ecological And Innovative Business And Commercial Place in The Philippines

A Modern Ecological And Innovative Business And Commercial Place in The Philippines

There are many available office spaces and commercial spaces available within Metro Manila. However, other than within Metro Manila, there are also other ideal places which can accommodate the needs of an office space for a BPO Philippines company, or the needs of a business for commercial space. Most of those, according to many business experts and real estate experts, are found within Nuvali.

Nuvali is a community found in Sta. Rosa Laguna, which was developed by Ayala Land Corporation, along with the Yulo Family which was the owner of the Friar Lands on which Nuvali is currently standing.

It is a community like no other, according to many reviews of the place. Ayala Land Corporation, as one of the largest and most successful real estate development corporations in the Philippines, aims to make Nuvali as the business central of the south by creating an invigorating environment and ecological environment unlike those found within Metro Manila.

Business Central of the SouthAlthough Nuvali is widely known today as one of the most promising residential community of the Philippines, Nuvali is also known to offer some of the most ideal business and commercial space for rent Philippines as well as office spaces for different businesses. This is when Nuvali had started construction of a large-scale master-planned eco-city that lets people thrive alongside nature.

Located across the Lakeside Evozone, accessible from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay road, lies the Future Central Business District. Taking the critical components of a successful business center, NUVALI brings in more open space, recreational facilities, tree-lined walking and biking trails, and areas for congregation.

One EvotechOne Evotech is the maiden structure in NUVALI TechnoHub, the first of three office campus developments in NUVALI’s Lakeside Evozone. Now fully operational, it is home to multinational solutions management group Convergys.

A project of the Ayala Businesscapes Group of Ayala Land, Inc. it caters to the office space requirements of call centers, business process outsourcing, and the information technology/information technology-enabled services (IT/ITES) firms. This is the first of several buildings in the Lakeside Evozone.

SolenadIn addition to office buildings and spaces, Nuvali had also been known for its collection of commercial spaces where different trade businesses can operate within an ecological environment. These are known as Solenad and Solenad II.

Solenad sits at the entrance of the Lakeside Evozone area coming from the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, and is nestled next to a 4-hectare lake. Its accessible and picturesque location invites people to sit, sip and dine with family and friends. Solenad has also become a destination for the surrounding communities of Sta. Rosa, Calamba, Tagaytay and Manila.

Adding to the retail landscape of NUVALI, Solenad 2, located along the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, across the road from the existing Solenad 1, is a one-storey neighborhood center that will satisfy the community’s shopping needs. For more information visit to our site at

Know How to Use Real Estate Lists

Know How to Use Real Estate Lists

If you are planning to purchase a home, you should be on top of your game in order to make a wise investment. There are many crucial elements in this potentially stressful process. You should make sure that you find a home that suits your family’s needs. You should also make a prudent investment, so that you can sell the house for profit in the future.

It would not be wise if you choose a house that depreciates in value. If you want to ensure your home’s worth, you have to do some research before any purchase. This may have been difficult 15 years ago, but this has become an easy task because of the Internet. All you have to do is hop on the web, and acquire real estate lists, and check out houses for sale all across the country.

I started browsing through real estate lists when I was looking for a new home a few years ago. It didn’t exactly have to be a “new” home, but I did want it to be nice. I decided to check out a few houses personally after browsing through a number of valuable real estate lists on the Internet. At that time, I was looking in Salem, Oregon because I found out that houses there were popular.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a suitable home after viewing around eight houses in person. I had no choice but to go back to the real estate lists. This was when I found the perfect house. It was a nice three bedroom, two and a half bathroom house situated in an ideal location. I was amazed at how pleasant the neighborhood actually was. With a fully fenced in, half an acre lot, it was really amazing. My wife and I decided to purchase it immediately.

If you want to acquire real estate lists to help you find a home, simply hop online and pull up . Punch in the keywords “real estate lists” and you will be rewarded with a long list of houses for sale ranging from one coast to the other. Nowadays, real estate lists are so simple to come by, even for the average person. Remember to consider the neighborhood, and not solely the home. Also keep in mind that the location and environment are important factors.

Rent to Own Property Benefits

Rent to Own Property Benefits

Nowadays, to buy or not to buy a house for sale is a question that is constantly plaguing the minds of the undecided. One of the reasons behind this is that they have a bad credit history, resulting to the difficulty of getting approved for a home loan. Yet another rationale is that they feel unprepared to take on the financial obligations that go with having their own home. Should you be experiencing these problems, one thing that you should consider doing is looking into rent-to-own properties.

A rent-to-own property essentially lets you get a feel of a property by renting it for a specific length of time, with the owner offering you the choice of buying the house during this time. Turning houses for sale into rent-to-own properties can also be advantageous for sellers as well. If the seller is worried that his home has been in the market for a long time without so much as an offer, he can easily earn some money renting it out for a while. Rent-to-own properties have a lot of benefits, some of which you will find here.

Buyers:- As said before, you can experience what it would be like to live in the house without buying it first. What this does is help you determine if this is your ideal home and if you’re ready to buy it.- Because you are renting the home, you won’t have to worry about competition with other buyers; you will have dibs if you want to buy the home.- There’s no need to make a hasty decision; you can take the whole term of your lease to consider if you want to purchase the house.- Depending on the arrangement, the owner can take part of the rent as equity for the house. This part of the money can also be part of the down payment when you decide to buy the property.- As long as you are renting, you can fix up your credit history so that getting approved for a home loan later on will be easy.

Sellers:- You are already getting some money off you home although you haven’t sold it yet, and if the tenants decide that they want to buy your home, you can earn even more.- Because the tenants have an option to buy your house in the future, they’ll make sure that it stays in great condition, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking anything in it.- Since the tenants have now experienced life in your home, they might be more inclined to make an offer. If they decide to pass, the house will still have gotten exposure, since they will likely have invited friends over while they were living there.

Even if you are raring to buy a home of your own, you may be overestimating your readiness to take on the responsibility of being a homeowner. To determine if you are prepared for this commitment, you should try living in a rent-to-own home first.