Omaxe Forest SPA

Omaxe Construction brings its newly launched residential project “Omaxe Forest SPA” offering you a rich environment will refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere. Omaxe Forest SPA having an exceptional style and atmosphere pampering the body and mind. Omaxe Forest SPA epitomises luxury living. This project is an exciting mixture of luxury flats and edition penthouses. Omaxe Forest SPA is complete with gorgeous apartments, nestled within the 325 acres of beautiful reserve forest.

Omaxe Forest SPA is a living concept which is above the ordinary. This project is in the magnificent lap of mother nature showered with sun rays and surrounded by fragrant breeze. Omaxe Forest SPA is designed for the connoisseurs of life with a world class rejuvenating spa with complex, state-of-the-art tennis court, fitness centre, club, multi-cuisine restaurant, athletic facility and other stylish facilities to enable a luxurious lifestyle, dedicated automobile parking space, automotive wash space in basement, meeting room, laundry, Service lift, driver’s lounge area with bathroom, servant room with separate entry and other fashionable offerings.

Omaxe Forest SPA is strategically located at Sector 93B, Noida. Noida short for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is a neighborhood in India under the management of the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (also referred to as NOIDA). Noida came into body existence on 17th April 1976 and celebrates 17th April as “Noida Day”. It was set up as a part of an urbanization thrust throughout the controversial Emergency period (1975-1977). Town was created below the UP Industrial Area Development Act. It’s conjointly home to the Noida Film City. Noida is located in Gautam Budh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh state. The district’s body headquarters are within the close city of Greater Noida. However, the district’s highest government official, the District Magistrate (DM), resides in Noida. Town could be a a part of the Noida Vidhan Sabha (state assembly) constituency and Gautam Budh Nagar Lok Sabha (parliamentary) constituency.

At Omaxe Forest SPA the moments of togetherness, moments of happiness are cherished forever. It has exceptional architectural designs that celebrate life. Omaxe Forest SPA provides you 3BHK and 4BHK spacious and luxurious apartments that are full of life, the perfect abode of sweet dreams. Where blissful experiences pervade and ‘Good Night’ and ‘Good Morning’ blend in beautifully. So that you wake-up fresh to conquer the new day…everyday.

Omaxe is one among the leading real estate firms and a diversified Infrastructure conglomerate. The genesis of the corporate goes back to 1989 once initial generation entrepreneur and civil engineer Mr. Rohtas Goel founded Omaxe Builders Private Limited to undertake construction & contracting business. In 2001, the corporate created inroads into the evolving real estate sector and in 2006, rechristened itself as Omaxe Ltd. In 2007 the corporate got listed on Indian bourses (BSE and NSE). Among a brief span, the corporate emerged mutually of the biggest real estate firms marked by a number of the renowned and extremely appreciated projects, awards and accolades and a lot significantly the trust of the individuals.

Top Venues in East Of London For Any Occasion And Capacity

Most of us live under the illusion that there is a dearth of options when it comes to finding an appropriate venue, anywhere away from central London. But the truth is, that there is a rich choice available with east of London too. Its has superior constructions suitable for celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, to corporate parties and conferences.

Arrange a celebration for any number of guests with these venues, which also have flexible capacities. Find something appropriate for your occasion at one of these top venues in East London:

The Old Truman Brewery

The Old Truman Brewery is situated in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Reachable in Spitafields area, it is an old structure with different style of interiors available at this one venue. It has a flexible capacity, which can accommodate over 250 to 1000 guests in its space. It is also an accessible place, with Liverpool Street Tube Station located close to it. It has some restaurants located inside the venue.


TROXY is one of the most versatile venues of the city. With a magnanimous capacity, it can hold up to 2600 together for an event. It has 3 functional rooms, which are frequently hired for corporate meetings, and after show dinner parties. It has a technically supported stage, where big performances take place. You can reach the Commercial road, to reach this venue for an event. It can also be hired for small celebrations with a group of 150 guests.

Grange Tower Bridge:

Grange Tower Bridge is a success of engineering, and reflects an environmentally conscious era. It has everything to make your event possible in the most environment friendly way. Its big venues that occupy 2 floors are a good choice for conferences, meetings, exhibitions and weddings. Its various room types bring you a capacity from 29 people to 1500 people. It also offers lodgings, catering facilities, and everything that you might need for a technical programme arranged at the venue.


Excel is an international standard venue, which pulls the guests towards Docklands. This contemporary venue has all the facilities to support high-end occasions and events. Its wide options with halls and room types offer hosting option events on any scale. This venue is frequent hired for product launches, exhibitions, meetings and conferences. Excel London venue also offers caterings and equipment support.

These venues in east of London have international standards, owing to their excellence and proficiency. Hire a venue nearby, with one of these spaces.

Embracing New Construction Technologies

By Sibani Sarma

India is known as a land of opportunities; leads for those people who want to contribute their efforts in providing better quality affordable housing solution for common man. With such a high density of people in urban areas along with huge pressure on natural resources; it is a pertinent to provide affordable housing without reducing on sustainable approach towards environment.

Driven by improving urbanization, rising incomes and decreasing household sizes, the residential demand in India has been on an upswing over the past few years. The Working Committee of the 11th Plan (2007-12) has concluded that the total shortage of dwelling units at the beginning of Eleventh Plan Period i.e. 2007 was 24.7 million with more than 70 per cent of the shortage of dwelling units is for middle and low income brackets. Unfortunately this figure is often overlooked by development agencies because of lower profitability as the construction cost of buildings built from conventional construction technologies is very expensive and affordable housing doesn’t generate better returns for these agencies.

At present, our construction system is outdated and time consuming; since it takes long time to construct a building due to old and conventional techniques, the overall overall price of progression goes up which ultimately is borne by developers who ultimately have no choice except escalating the price of property; thus these properties are seldom affordable to people.

Solution to the above problem is development of a faster, more highly efficient, and sustainable technology to address India’s affordable housing shortage, one that could stimulate large scale industrialization of prefabricated technology in the housing industry. The major cost benefits of prefabricated structures derive from the speed of construction and the optimization of raw material. Integrated engineering design and detailing enable prefabricated buildings to be erected at a fraction of the time than a conventional building. These time savings contribute to lower interest during construction and have the advantage of commencing commercial activities far earlier. The optimization of raw material reduces the material cost of the building, and the lighterweight of the structures brings about significant savings in the foundation cost. Avoiding complexities, a pre engineered concrete building efficiently replaces conventional methodologies of constructing a building. Thus, with these modern methodologies, large buildings do not require years for construction and finishing.

The low cost construction technologies can be used in several affordable mass housing schemes such as Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY) that have already been undertaken for urban areas. This beneficiary of this scheme is entitled to the financial assistance of Rs. 45000~ $1,000for the construction of house. In order to construct house at such a nominal cost requires an innovation breakthrough in construction technology. All over the world efforts are being made to design a house which is liveable, sustainable and involves low cost of construction. Recently, students in Massachusetts Institute of Technology attempted to design a low cost affordable house for people. They named this project as “1K house.”

Projectwell Management Pvt. Ltd. along with the world’s renowned architecture firm KieranTimberlake proposed India Concept House (ICH) which is affordable, solid, sustainable, and quick-to-erect housing solution for Tier II and Tier III cities in India’s composite climate zone. The ICH addresses a new market, one that pairs a shortage of 19.4 million housing units with the need for sustainable growth. This is a single dwelling unit house in sizes of 38, 68 and 98 SqM, which are modular, built from manufactured panels, with integrated services components like electrical and plumbing. The components of ICH include a wall panel, door panel, window panel, partition wall and roof plank. These components use precast concrete technology, designed to be factory made and assembled on site.

Thus, changing conventional technology to new quick-to-build technology in construction industry is the need to this hour and developers have also now started experimenting with these technologies. It is important to embrace these new technologies to projects in order to fill the housing gap in urban areas.

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Build And Design New Homes in New Zealand

A new type of building is being introduced all over the world. These are modular buildings. They are prefabricated structures, which do not have frames or axles. They are light weight and can be transported, shifted and erected anywhere. These structures have to be just set up. There is no constructing or building involved. These modular buildings are used where conventional construction is not possible, it maybe in remote or rural areas. Modular homes nz have become very popular after the earthquake. They can be used for long terms. Some of these are built on a steel frame and are long lasting.

Global help to rebuild the city

Building companies in Christchurch are offering good quality buildings with new designs that are quake resistant to some extent. The materials they use are light in weight so that there is less damage when earthquakes take place. Different companies from around the world offer help to rebuild the city. Arrow International Christchurch is one such company that has come forward to reconstruct the city. It is an excellent company that plans, manages and builds. They have undertaken various projects and successfully completed them. Their specialty is strategic development management, construction and project management. It is a big company with a huge efficient, qualified staff and has branches in many places.

Easy to build homes

Another new way of building your new home is to use kit set. Kit set homes nz are affordable and are transportable anywhere. They have steel frames and last long. They can be built anywhere and you can manage your own home building project right from the start to the finish. Kit home New Zealand has become very popular especially in view of the earthquake that took place. Kit homes are available at very competitive prices. It is available to suit everyone’s budget. As these are long lasting and affordable, many people are opting for kit homes.

Rebuild to damage home

Rebuilding an earthquake devastated city can be quite a challenging task. It may take years to reconstruct and rehabilitate. Global help is poured to rebuild, which makes the burden lighter to bear. New and modern ways are introduced to build homes and buildings that are resistant to earthquakes. The materials used to build these homes are light in weight and yet sturdy enough for long term use. Modular homes in New Zealand have proved to be ideal in a place quite prone to earthquakes. These innovative modern buildings are built to be quake resistant and cause minimum damage.

Stylish Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt Ltd. is one of the reputed construction companies in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The company provides a variety of unique luxury apartments in Hyderabad and Secunderabad with the finest quality of construction. Shanta Sriram is into the construction project for last 16 years, with expertise in Residential, Commercial, Luxury Apartments, Shopping Malls, Multiplex’s and Hotels.

The company mainly focuses on the integrity, customer delight and commitment to deliver on time with absolute quality and architecture. Luxury apartments provided by Shanta Sriram brings you the essence of fine living with unmatched value. The brand name Shanta Sriram Constructions is the topnotch real estate developers in Hyderabad offers a wide range of home options that include residential, commercial, luxury apartments and shopping malls, hotels and also land development. The company uses the finest building materials and reputed architects to create homes that are being popularly lauded in Hyderabad as a benchmark in builder excellence.

Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt Ltd. started its humble beginnings 16 years ago under the guidance of Mr. M. Narsaiah and Mr. M. Lingaiah, who are the directors and chief promoters of the company. The company, as on date embarked the identity as “One of the reputed builders in Hyderabad” chiefly due to its accurate mix of integrity, on-time delivery, superior quality and state-of-the-art architectural designs.

Shanta Sriram redefine luxury, quality and fine living luxury apartments in Hyderabad and Secunderabad at all prime locations. Shanta Sriram luxury apartments come with an unique features like: Designer fixtures, Art Deco Lighting, Concrete Stained, Wood, Carpeted Flooring Options 10′ Ceilings and 8′ doors, Exotic Bamboo Floors, Ceramic Flooring, Stunning Modern Kitchens, European inspired bathrooms, Washer and Dryer in each luxury apartment with all advanced security features.

One can find balanced mix of spacious 1, 2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments with endless luxury amenities in every room. You will also find best environmental features and amenities which are not found in any other so called ‘luxury apartments’ in Hyderabad. The Hyderabad’s noted builder Shanta Sriram Constructions primarily focuses on quality construction that offers the unique and innovative living spaces at unbelievable prices that also meets customers’ expectations and needs.

Shanta Sriram’s luxury apartments in Hyderabad are constructed at the prime locations that are easily accessible, close to all facilities, ideal for peaceful living, pollution free environment and well connected to all modes of transport. These luxury apartments come with aesthetically modern designed interiors and countless facilities at reasonable prices to fit everyone’s budget.

Shanta Sriram project provides a great deal of work goes into each of our luxury apartments, which are designed by the world renowned architects and built by the finest crafts persons. We also pay painstaking attention to every detail and work to ensure that each venture is completed on time. Shanta Sriram optimizes the design of each luxury apartments to get maximum usage of space and endeavors to use finest materials that compliment such design. The selected materials are not just aesthetically appealing but also easily maintainable in the long run while having the best quality to infuse luxury into every step of Shanta Sriram’s Luxury apartments.

The construction work for Shanta Sriram Luxury Apartments at Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad has begun and promises to deliver the homes on time. The company has successfully promoted a number of real estate ventures in Andhra Pradesh and is all set to carry out more prestigious projects in the future.

Shanta Sriram Constructions Pvt. Ltd warmly invite you to explore our world: visit our ventures, meet our development team and reputed architects, discover how we work and what we have achieved.