How to Succeed in Competitive Home Bidding

How to Succeed in Competitive Home Bidding

As early as April this year, the Wall Street Journal reported that competitive biddings are back with many home buyers increasingly competing for the same house.

The Wall Street Journal noted that these latest bidding wars are different from the competitive biddings during the housing boom.

“Competitive bidding in the current environment isn’t producing huge price increases or leaving sellers with hefty profits, as occurred during the housing boom,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

The Wall Street Journal added that these bidding wars are a result of supply shortages, not surging sales.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that in the second quarter of this year, there was an improvement in home prices but lack of inventory – particularly in the lower price ranges.

Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, said in a statement, “Some of the improvement in prices is due to a smaller share of sales in low price ranges where inventory is tight.”

In June this year, the Maryland Association of Realtors (MAR) reported a similar scenario: improvement in home prices and decrease in inventory. According to MAR, as of June 2012, there were 28,247 housing units in Maryland’s active inventory, a decrease from last year’s 38,464 active inventory.

So, how can one succeed in these bidding wars? Here are key tips to succeed in a competitive home bidding environment:

.Research. Once you find the home that meets your requirements, find out the average price of comparable homes sold recently in the area. From this average home price, make your offer accordingly. In the absence of this available data, you may lose your ideal home.

.Get ready with your financing. If you want to finance your home from gift money, have this money deposited in your bank account.

.Put down a big money deposit. “I see earnest money deposits as high as 20- percent of the purchase price,” Holly Worthington, a multiple-offer expert, told CNN Money.

.Write a compelling letter to the seller. Especially in cases where almost all things are equal, a compelling letter to the seller can be your key to winning the bid to that home that meets your requirements.

.Most importantly, hire a competent and experienced real estate agent.

How To Generate The Short Term Profit Opportunities?

How To Generate The Short Term Profit Opportunities?

There are very wide range of opportunities which are available for the person who is seeking to invest in the housing market. Most investors are very familiar with the chances of purchasing a new home and then attempting to sell it at a higher value. This creates a unique possibility, where an individual can discover a quick return on their investment, no matter if they are searching for a minor or significant profit. Yet another possibility which most of the individuals have not considered is found with the possibilities of using resources such as buy to let mortgages.

When you look into the buy to let opportunity, you’re seeking to take advantage of the possibility created through renting homes or units to other individuals. It is vital when pursuing this opportunity, that you specifically identify a resource which will supply you with buy to let mortgages, such that you can save money on this potentially long-term investment. Through the renting opportunity, individuals are looking to take benefit of the possibilities of creating regular profit, that will aid in the short-term goal of their housing markets investing.

The popularity associated with all these mortgages is a result of the high demand that has been created by the recent housing markets. As more individuals lose their home because they are financially upside down, the demand for rentals has drastically increased. With the help of the opportunities of buy to let mortgages, you’ll be able to invest in unique properties for their single houses or rental units that you could rent to people at an increased rate and generate a regular source of profit.

The amount profit an individual is able to obtain every month depends heavily on these mortgages and even begins with the identification of buy to let mortgage rates. These rates are typically higher than a conventional mortgage, due to the increased possible risk those are related with renting units to other people. However, just because these rates are typically higher, does not mean that you must expect to pay higher rates other than just justified by the current market environment. Taking the time to compare various organizations and even the rates they are looking charge you, will help save money and increase your potential for profit.

Taking benefit of a resource, such as the online environment, will provide you with the most significant opportunity to identifying the best buy to let mortgage rates for you to take advantage of. Through the Internet, you will discover hundreds to thousands of companies who are willing to provide you with the investment funding you require, in order to create rental possibilities in the current housing markets market.

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – 7 Things To Consider When Evaluating Your Professional Image

Mobile Notary Marketing Strategies – 7 Things To Consider When Evaluating Your Professional Image

The most important thing you can do for your mobile notary marketing is to portray your business with the proper professional attitude and appearance. Having a business name adds seriousness to the mix.


First impressions are so important. You may only get one brief chance to win a potential client’s business. And once you get it, you’ll want to keep it.

Your solid professional image is the foundation on which you need to build everything else on.

Let me ask you… how many people choose to spend their money in a new, clean, and bright store over an old, cluttered, dimly lit store? I don’t know the exact number, but I do know it is a whole lot!

New stores are built with what I call the “attraction factor” which is a clean, bright, well-lighted, and uncluttered atmosphere. Big business actually studies these human-nature behaviors and they capitalize on them for the most profitable results. Many customers will even pay a higher price for the same product in these establishments because they unconsciously associate this appealing store image with higher quality and more value.

So, you can actually capitalize on this same “attraction factor” and market your business with a clean, uncluttered, and professional image. This includes your personal appearance and demeanor as well as all of your marketing tools – business cards, brochures, website, and advertising mediums.

It is important to consider how people see you and your business. This is a good time to evaluate yourself in the following areas:

1 — Personal appearance and manners. Appropriate business clothing for your area and a friendly, courteous, confident attitude can go a long way in gaining trust and repeat business.

2 — Vehicle appearance and cleanliness. If you have an old clunker or your vehicle is just having a bad-hair day you can try parking in an inconspicuous spot.

3 — Business name and email address. These are indicators of how seriously you take your business. For example — if you don’t have a business name and your email is something like “robinsmommy@” it may be hard for other business professionals to take you seriously. They may pass you by for someone with a more professional demeanor.

4 — Organization of business materials. Being prepared and keeping documents and other materials organized are a must. Nothing ruins your image faster than being unprepared and wasting a client’s time while you struggle to get your act together at their expense. Not counting the possibility of mistakes if documents aren’t organized properly.

5 — Phone answering practices and message demeanor. Really impress your clients. Answer your phone! While this is not always possible to do, a good, polite message and prompt return calls are a must. Never ever tell a client or potential client that you cannot do their job because of some personal thing you need to do — like go to your kid’s ball game. It is best to say you have another appointment at that time and ask if you can schedule a different time.

6 — Website, business card and brochure appearance. Use the “attraction factor” method to develop a clean uncluttered image in all of your business materials. These materials may be all that a potential client sees and has to judge you by, so you’ll want them to present your professional image in your place.

7 — Use of proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization for all written communications. This is still very important in the business world, even for text messaging. I see many mobile notaries treating their written communications such as emails and mobile notary listings with the same style they use to text their friends — no capital letters, and proper spelling and grammar are non-existent. Not all age groups of the general population are ready to accept this new style outside of the text messaging world, so it is best to stick with proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization if you want to leave a good impression for all people.

The bottom line: You want your mobile notary business and your person to be perceived as having “more value” than your competition.

The Best Way to Find Apartments For Rent

The Best Way to Find Apartments For Rent

If you are in search of 1 bed room house for rent then Broadstone Ranch at WolfPen is the one which meets your requirements. These homes are especially for the students living nearby college station texas, these apartments provide you with all the comforts you need. It’s just minutes away from Texas A&M University. Broadstone Ranch Apartments offers all of the luxuries of an urban lifestyle. You can have a full view of Wolf Pen Creek or the Texas A&M University Campus from the apartment.

Its providing you with the best amenities like Lighting packages and ceiling fans in each room and Stainless Steel finishes on appliances, glass cook top range, large capacity dish washers and built in microwave and stainless steel refrigerator with ice makers, cabinets with lots of storage space, Programmable thermostats for high efficiency heating and air conditioning. so going on there are lot more. You have resort-style pool, state-of-the-art fitness center, jogging trails, and nearby shopping. These are just some of the amenities we are providing you. So think that you are quite impressed with all the amenities we are providing you.

Coming to the rent, you have the leasing options such as standard lease and individual lease depending on your requirements you can choose from it. You need to deposit 700$ and 9954 for twelve months lease. And if you have pets it costs 1000$ which is non refundable. These are the brand new apartments ready for the fall-2011.These apartments are brought to you by Beckendorf Investments and Aggieland Leasing.

Broadstone Ranch is the perfect match for an active college student to providing Convenient location and comfortable life style. And in addition it provides exclusive features throughout the living community making Broadstone Ranch Wolf pen’s most desirable student living. Broadstone Ranch is in the heart of Wolf Pen’s student living experience. It’s also giving the experience of free cable & high-speed Internet.

So, now it’s the time for you to take decision as our Apartments are unparalleled in the wolf pen community. You can also view the pictures of the sample constructed flats to have a feel of the quality and the interiors from living room to kitchen to bedroom we use every unique creativity to make the house more beautiful to stay.

Real Estate Investing – How To Invest With No Money

Real Estate Investing – How To Invest With No Money

Most new real estate investors get held back by lack of finances, with the assumption that they must have a lot of money to get started. This assumption is wrong. There are lots of deals you can do spending little to no money of your own.

With the tightening of lending procedures by most banks, most people cannot access this money for real estate investing. If they can qualify for these mortgages, they are required to put down as much as 20%, and are allowed just a few investment properties.

In this article, we explore how to invest in real estate using little to no money of your own.

My favorite model of real estate investing is wholesaling and investing with little to no risk. In wholesale real estate investing, you locate distressed houses below market value and flip them for a profit to other real estate investors.

This can involve assigning a contract to a buyer with cash. Your buyer closes the transaction and buys the house on the same terms you agreed with the seller on the contract. You walk home with an assignment fee at closing.

Or it can involve simultaneous closing where you buy and sell the property on the same closing table. This means there are two contracts – one to buy the house, an one to sell it to your buyer. Of course, you sell it higher than you buy and walk home with the difference, less fees and expenses.

Until recently, most lenders could allow you to use money from your buyer to close the first transaction. In recent years, this has changed, and most lenders will not allow you to use their money for the first transaction. But this should not slow you down.

For this you need transactional funding. Transactional funding is a short-term loan that allows real estate investors to fund up to 100% of undervalued properties including closing costs, which they then turn around and sell for a profit.

By short term, both transactions can be close as close together as is practical, even within a few minutes of each other.

Transactional funding is usually available within a few days. Your personal qualification is not necessary. It does not require that you to have good credit, have money in the bank or a steady income. All they need to see is a qualified buyer lined up for the property.

Qualified buyer means someone with verifiable cash such a real estate investor, or someone approved for a loan.

There are lots of properties you buy as a real estate investor using this method. You end up investing with little to no risk – no tenants, repairs, etc. And you can move as many properties as you can find as long as you can find a steady source of wholesale properties.