Are You Planning to Buy Real Estate in Singapore?

When people think of investments, one on the top list is real estate. When you look for property listings and other references where thousands of real estates for bidding are listed, you will also need to look for an agent. A Singapore real estate agent is someone who knows a lot when it comes to real property acquisitions in Singapore. In fact, it is highly advisable that before you tried yourself looking for real property lists, you must start searching for the best agent first. They will help you find the properties that will not just suit your preferences but also the best for your need. If you look for a real estate professional, you have to make sure of the following:

CEHA qualification

They should be accredited with Common Examination for Housing Agents or CEHA. It is important that the agent has enough knowledge in real property acquisition from simple details up to legality of sales aspects. This accreditation with SAEA or Singapore Accreditation Estate Agency Scheme is supported by various Singapore real estate agencies such as

Singaporean Institute of Surveyors and Valuers or SISV, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, Housing and Development Board and Ministry of Finance. The accreditation can be claim by undergoing some evaluation process and examination. Make sure that the agent you will choose pass the exam and has license.

Know how to deal on having separate account with regards to money handling issues

There will be chances that you will let the real estate agent hold your money for you. Look for agency who is willing to take another different account where your money will be secured. The agent shall be someone who can understand your concern especially when it comes to money issue. Trust is the biggest rule when you deal with an agent. Thus, you have to look for someone who already proven being trustworthy.

Demand for rightful commission fees

Your chosen Singapore real estate agency should be someone who will ask rightful commission or professional fee. SISV recommends a scale of at least two percent of the selling price can be enough commission for a real estate agent. Though it has a scale to follow, the commission can still be higher than two percent, depends on your agreed commission fees. Choose an agent that will not ask high commission but still work well.

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